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Every individual has an expression of their own with love, with each engagement and wedding ring symbolizing that eternal expression. Choosing the right kind of ring calls for attention, understanding the choices of your partners, the kind of stone that suits you best, and the carat, design, and size, as there is a lot to think about. You can opt for the more traditional route and choose the solitaire 3 stone wedding ring set; however, if you are heading down to propose love to your life, then you can break the conventional choice to try something entirely different.

If you aim to bring a ring for your partner to remember for a lifetime is the 3-stone ring. Therefore, what would it be, and what is so much special about it? Continue to check them out for more!

What is a Three-Stone Setting?

These days, there are a massive number of ring designs available in the market, each with its own uniqueness and striking features. The three-stone setting is trending slowly for a better reason. As the name suggests, the three-stone ring has three stones that sit horizontally onto the metal band. The stones come in varied forms, colors, types, and sizes, offering an understated and luxurious look.

Significance of a 3-Stone Rings

The three stones hold a lot of essence, even more with the varied forms of rings. A few individuals mention that the stones epitomize the past, present, and future of the couple to celebrate the journey of a lifetime. Every stone is set as a reminder of the milestone they have crossed path with the present moment they are sharing with the adventure the future has in store for them.

A few might often believe that the three stones mainly represent the Holy Trinity, with the rest stating its symbolic effect on the three main pillars of a relationship: friendship, love, and fidelity. Irrespective of its real meaning, couples around the world have elevated towards the design for its grandeur, beauty, and distinctiveness.

Ways to Choose the Right Three-Stone Rings

Before you start investing in the 3-stone classic wedding ring set, you should know how to choose the kind of ring that matches your and your partner's requirements. If you wish to create a checklist before buying, the following is what you should include here.

What Kinds of Stones Should It Have?

The three-stone rings enable you to customize them as you wish. You can start with a solitaire diamond in the middle when gemstones are placed on either of its sides. You can choose to opt for your partner's birthstone, adding some valuable and special impact. You can even keep them elegant and classy using only diamonds. You can use them in varied shades, adding to the color.

What Size Should It Be? 

The three stones are mainly different in size, where the center one is mainly bigger than the two that surround it. You can choose the blogger carat diamond that makes the center of the 3-stone diamond ring the showstopper, where you can keep them uniform and opt for the identical sizes of all three. The choice mainly relies on how gentle and luxurious you aim your ring to be.

What Color Metal Band Should I Go For?

Your ring would comprise the stones along with the metal band on which they are placed. You can opt for the silver and platinum band that would couple well with the diamonds if you are using the colored stones while speaking with the jewelry designer about the tone of the metal complementing them the most.

Pros Of a Three-Stone Setting

Whenever you are selecting a ring, everything is about following your instincts and locating things that speak to you. The 3-stone wedding ring set is an elegant beauty; however, to help you out, here are a couple of pros to help you decide whether these ring designs are worth the effort and price.

It Holds Deep Significance

As already discussed, one of the real reasons behind the three-stone ring is that it is ideal for proposals since it indicates meaning. Whenever there is a ring representing the past, present, and future of your love, it reflects your friendship, faith, and loyalty towards one another, as it is the importance that transcends beyond the material and physical form. It becomes more than just a ring since it becomes the extension of the love and companionship you are sharing that continues for the rest of your lives.

It is Impeccably Designed

While keeping things aside, you need a ring that appears exquisite and is beautiful, like your partner. It is the 3-stone diamond ring exuding grace and elegance while you invest in the engagement ring as it should appear luxurious, like being one of its kind.

More Scope for Customization

The other best thing about the rings is that they offer greater possibilities for personalization. You can start using varied form colors for the center side or other colors for the side ones while experimenting with the cuts and shapes.

Symbolism of Three Stone Rings

Although three stones in this ring the commonly thought of as the symbol of the past, present, and future, the three stone rings are ascribed with the rest of the meanings. A few individuals will have the associated three-stone rings with love, friendship, and fidelity with the three building blocks of a lasting relationship. There are devout couples that have associated three-stone rings with the Holy Trinity to take the ring representing the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

So, What Ring Will You Choose?

Opting for a ring for the love of your life can become tough. You need to give them the best, and that is why choosing a 3-stone wedding ring set becomes a priceless and invaluable option for the rest of your life. It would tick every box with its unique, stylish, and deeply symbolic of its kind. At Nivetta, the designers have brought about a range of rings that are diverse in their choices to fit every need who is in search of these rings. You can opt for better customization options so that it meets your needs.