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Diamond Pendant Sets

Key Pendants

A special collection of fine jewellery include handmade diamond key pendants in limited editions is also available on Nivetta. Specially, an ideal gift to open the door to your loved one’s heart is now a diamond key pendant. Therefore, each key on our diamond key pendants symbolises the concept that you are opening your loved one’s heart, revealing a treasure and a lifetime of joy and dedication. Lastly, This is what makes our diamond key pendants so special.


Pendants made of diamonds are classic and suitable for any occasion. Therefore, Nivetta creates delicate diamond pendants with just the right amount of brilliance to stand out. Hence, they make fantastic birthday, anniversary, and Valentine’s Day presents and are timeless treasures to add to your jewellery collection. Furthermore, white gold and yellow gold pendants are available for purchase, and their costs range. Whereas, the classic Diamond Pendant, Pave Bail Diamond Pendants, and Pave Set Frame Diamond Pendants are a few of the pendant designs that are most in demand.

Solitaire Pendants

The timeless jewellery item known as a solitaire pendant is ideal for any event. However, diamond solitaire pendants are understated but have enough radiance to stand out. In short, they are thoughtful anniversary, Valentine’s Day, and birthday presents and are timeless treasures to add to your jewellery collection.

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