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Are you heading out on the quest of love to take the next big step? If this is so, then considering an engagement ring is the best option. However, you want it to reflect your unique love story, your commitment, and your personality. This is where the princess cut engagement ring comes into the limelight.

Princess-cut diamonds are one of the best shapes for an engagement ring for different reasons, the main one here being the look across the massive range of settings. For those in search of classic styles, the solitaire setting is the safest bet you can make. It is an elegant and timeless design featuring the diamond on its own, making it the ideal option if you wish to show off the unique shape and sparkle of the diamond.

In our blog today, we will explain what you need to know about these stunning rings and help you make the best choice for your special and unique moment.

About Princess Cut Engagement Ring

So, what is a princess-cut diamond? The engagement ring princess cut is one of the most prominent shapes available today. It is a square-cut diamond shape with pointed edges and unique brilliance and sparkle. Originally, the princess cut was developed in the 1960s and was a stunning shape, becoming the ideal choice of rings with other forms of jewelry.

These princess-cut diamonds are extremely popular for their light reflection ability and brilliance, which is mainly due to their geometric shape. They are cut in varied sizes, from .50 carats to about 3 carats, combining seamlessly and stylishly with the different cuts, including cushion, round, marquise, and emerald. Overall, the princess-cut diamond is the most stylish and timeless choice that continues to become the best for several years down the line.

What Does A Princess Cut Diamond Symbolize?

The princess-cut diamond is often witnessed as a symbol of everlasting commitment and love, making it the ideal pick for an engagement ring. What can be anything better for the ring for your love or the love for diamond symbolizing love? The diamond's cut is square, which is effectively designed to maximize its brilliance and sparkle.

For many individuals, the princess cut diamond would symbolize a relationship that is powerful, strong, elegant, and timeless. It forms a reminder that love would last through different hardships or obstacles, like the diamond in itself, which can withstand the pressure of the tough cut. The cut also symbolizes opulence and luxury with the princess cut diamonds which are often noted as one of the most sought-after and valuable diamond cuts. Irrespective of the reason, the princess-cut diamond is often viewed as the symbol of love, beauty, and commitment.

Characteristics Of Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Princess Cut Diamond Rings

The princess cuts often differ due to the cuts happening on the motifs and pavilion onto the crown. But this never impacts the budget or the quality of the princess cuts. The crown forms the part that faces up like the princess's crown, like the Bezel or the French corners. The bezel corners are often more durable than the French ones, so try shopping for designs with bezel corners.

The pavilion forms the underside of the princess cut. The chevron patterns showcase the pavilion's real brilliance. The princess cut often has two to four patterns. Diamonds with the two chevron patterns generate the highest scintillations, with the four chevron patterns generating greater scintillation with the smaller facets.

Facets Of A Princess-Cut Diamond

The princess cut diamond has around 50 and 58 facets that typically rely on the cut. The facets are generally present on the pavilion and the crown. Generally, the princess cuts have around two to four chevron patterns. Here, you might often ask about the chevron patterns. These patterns are the cross ones often visible whenever you check out the diamond from above.

Clarity Grades For A Princess Cut Diamond Ring

The clarity grade often indicates the noticeable imperfections of the diamond. For the princess cut, SI1 and VS2 diamonds are mainly recommended. They offer clear clarity with the best pricing. The S12 and I1 diamonds are often suited for those with budget stringencies. Try avoiding princess-cut diamonds with inclusions present at the corners. The inclusions at the corner result in more fragile rings that are susceptible to damage.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Princess Cut Engagement Ring

Metal Types 

When you choose a princess-cut diamond engagement ring, the initial factor of consideration is the metal. The most popular ones for engagement rings are platinum, gold, and palladium. Every metal has its distinctive benefits. Gold is a popular metal, especially for engagement rings, due to its affordability, ease of work with, and color options such as white, rose, or yellow. Platinum is often on the expensive side, but it often comes with higher durability and hypoallergenic quality.

The 4Cs

The other thing to consider here is the diamond. Princess-cut diamonds are the prominent pick for engagement and wedding rings since they are extremely versatile. They appear the best in simple and stunning solitaire rings; however, if your bride-to-be prefers a glitzier look, they look best surrounded by rows of several diamonds.

While selecting the diamond, you have to consider the 4 Cs, including the clarity, cut, color, and carat. Therefore, we are going to break them down as follows:

  • Carat includes the scaling of the weight of the diamond and is one of the real factors in determining its cost.
  • Clarity includes the measure of the inclusions in the diamond. The side with fewer inclusions is the most expensive.
  • Color involves the scaling ratio of the color of the diamond on the scale of D, like no color detected, to Z to the yellowish color. The more colorless the diamond is, the more expensive it will become.
  • The cut involves the measurement of how well the diamond is cut, including the depth, height, angles, and several different factors. The best cut of the diamond is expensive compared to the one with a bad cut.

It is important to consider these while shopping for your next princess-cut engagement ring, and you can ensure that you locate the best one for your partner.

What Makes Princess Cut Engagement Rings So Popular?

There are different cuts in the diamonds to choose from while buying an engagement for your partner right from round and marquise to the Asscher and Pear. But, there is no denying that the Princess cut diamond rings are one of the most popular options you can have. It is the second-most popular form of diamond engagement ring for women of all ages and from around the world. People from different regions of the world have fallen in love with this elegant diamond cut and now we are going to check out the real reasons behind it.

Fire and Brilliance

One of the main reasons why people love princess-cut engagement rings is that they gather enough perk from the level of fire and brilliance that would rival the round brilliant cut in the modern shape. A few individuals would prefer the sharp, modern look of the princess diamond, and not all stay fond of the round stones.


The princess cut diamond engagement rings are cost-effective compared to the round cut diamonds. The reason they have lower costs per carat is that there is a huge yield during the diamond-cutting processes as less wastage is created. The princess cut would often boast the four-sided pyramid shapes which are identical to the half of the octahedron rough stone. It implies that the princess cut is taken from every side of the stone enabling less waste.

Abundance of styles

You will often get spoilt with the choices while picking the princess cut engagement rings. This is due to the prominence of the diamond and its flexibility, as there are varied forms of rings to select from. It would include the three-stone princess-cut engagement rings, princess-cut solitaire rings, and princess-cut halo engagement rings. There is a vintage styless of engagement rings in their princess cut, or you can even choose to opt for customized services to create the ideal ring.


The versatility that is offered by this kind of diamond engagement ring is often well worth elaborating on more. It has a massive assorted style of rings made available. However, the princess cut diamond engagement rings are teamed with the other rings easily. A few of the diamond shapes and styles of engagement rings will make things more difficult to find the ideal one to accompany your wedding ring; however, you should be fine with traveling down this path.


Finally, princess-cut diamond rings appear flattering, mainly for women with longer fingers. It is mainly due to the sharp-edged corners as you will always look at this elegant diamond ring adorning your finger.

Finding The Perfectly Princess

Finding the best princess cut engagement ring is easier than it may appear to be. Whether your loved one prefers the class of solitaire or the sparkle of a heavenly halo, Nivetta brings you the ideal setting for the ring that you wish to buy next, especially to make your partner awe-struck with its grace!