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A diamond pendant is a necklace with a centre diamond that is connected to a chain of jewellery made of precious metal by a tiny loop (usually gold or platinum). The words “pendant” and “pedere,” both of which imply “to hang down,” are derived from the Old French and Latin, respectively. Necklaces with diamond pendants are frequently presented as a sign of love, specifically eternal love.

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You may choose from a variety of precious metals for your chain and pendant. Choose from 14K and 18K gold, both of which are strong enough for daily use. The wearer’s tastes should be taken into consideration while choosing between the colours of gold, which include yellow, rose, and white. Platinum pendant chains are also available, although they cost more and are frequently unnecessary. Because prongs enable the greatest light to enter the diamond and bounce back to the eye, popular pendant setting designs frequently incorporate prongs (typically four). Halo settings and bezel settings are examples of other designs. In a bezel setting, such in this 14K white gold pendant, metal encircles the stone. 



Diamond pendants are lovely and unique presents. Diamond pendants are frequently treasured as family heirlooms and handed down through the centuries because to its timeless style and widespread appeal.