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You are prepared to propose and initiate your search for the perfect engagement ring. However, which type of engagement ring should you get for your beloved? You will easily become overwhelmed with choices with the different choices of diamond shapes, metals, and more.

We will not discuss an engagement ring with an emerald-cut diamond. Emerald-cut diamonds have attained huge fame among the list of engagement rings available in the market due to their elegance and simplicity. Compared to the other diamond shapes, emerald-cut diamonds have fewer sparkles due to fewer facets.

Whenever the topic arrives for diamond engagement rings, emerald-cut diamonds form the ideal pick. The diamonds are considered due to their step-cut facets and rectangular shape. Emerald cut diamond engagement rings have several other facets that symbolize steps. These step-kind facets will create diamonds with clearer lines and unmatched elegance.

Emerald Cut History

The emerald cut is enriched with its history as the cut holds the complete myths related to the cutting of the gemstone. The shape arrives out of the initial gemstone cuts, as the "table" cut that gets used by the earliest of the gem cutters right from the initiation of the gen trade. The earliest cuts revolve around the history of the evolving diamond cutting that was easy point-cut.

The point cut was then followed by the natural cut for the diamond that was not considered faceted. The table cut was the initial diamond cut that arrived with numerous facets. During the 1940s, the identical step cut followed the table cut, which evolved into what we consider today the emerald cut.

The emerald cut diamonds are considered highly vintage-based compared to the rest of the diamond shapes. Although they were developed around 80 years earlier, it will locate its core is out of the ancient shapes of diamonds. The emerald-cut diamonds are the most unique and beautiful pick for engagement rings. They are the unique ones arriving with cropped corners and rectangular shapes. It is the look that comes with the emerald cut diamonds that has its vintage appeal. The emerald cut diamonds generally have around 58 facets that range anywhere between 50 - 62.

The emerald-cut diamonds are elegant, glamorous, and stunning. They are made for the elongated fingers since they are less costly compared to the other round diamonds as you travel a bit further for the bigger diamonds. Remember that those emerald-cut diamonds will appear bigger than they are due to their elongated shape. If you are in search of larger-sized diamonds, then the emerald cut diamonds are the best option to try. Emerald-cut diamonds are the best for the engagement ring.

Best Setting for Emerald Cut Diamond

The rectangular shape of our emerald-cut diamond engagement rings impacts the entire setting of the rings in a couple of ways. Initially the ring gets sized specially for accommodating the rectangular diamond shape. Secondly, the diamond that comes rectangular limits the number and the kind of setting that gets used. For instance, the solitaire setting might only be possible if the diamond comes in large or smaller sizes. However, irrespective of the setting you are opting for, the result is a unique and beautiful engagement ring, so be sure to wear them and stand out from the crowd.

The Solitaire Setting

The emerald-cut diamond solitaire setting is the best pick for those who aim for an elegant and simple engagement ring. The setting presents the diamond in its complete glory, enabling the rectangular shape and different step-cut facets to dazzle. The emerald-cut diamonds appear the best in solitaire settings. These are settings with a single diamond, the center one without any additional side stones.

The center stone forms the only diamond in the ring style. The timeless and classic setting for the diamond ring. The solitaire setting is the ideal pick if you wish to make the diamond paper bigger, as the elongated shape of the emerald-cut diamond makes it appear bigger than it is. The diamond engagement ring will appear alluring.

The Three-Stone Setting

The three-stone setting is the ideal choice for emerald cut diamond engagement rings. The setting features two smaller diamonds on either side of the center diamond, which can help accentuate the rectangular shape of this diamond cut. The three-stone setting is popular if you wish to make the diamond appear bigger, as the elongated shape of the diamond cut makes it appear bigger than it is. Remember that the three-stone setting is never possible if the diamond is larger or even smaller.

The Diamond Halo Setting

Whenever you are opting for the engagement ring with the emerald cut diamond, ensure to check out the halo-kind settings. The diamond halo setting is the feature that shows the smaller diamonds set around the center diamond to help accentuate the rectangular shape of the emerald-cut diamonds. The halo setting forms the ideal choice if you wish to make the diamond appear bigger. The diamond halo setting is the ideal way the addition a sparkle to the emerald-cut diamond. It can help in making the emerald-cut diamonds remain unmatched.

Side stones in a Setting 

The emerald cut diamond engagement ring appears astonishing whenever side stones surround it, often two side stones, one on each side. You can opt for the tapered baguettes to the trapezoids for the emerald-cut diamonds. Not only for the diamonds but you can use every kind of precious or semi-precious colored stones here. It can help in creating the most mesmerizing cascade of lighting while moving out your hands. The sapphires, diamonds, and the rest of the gemstones that are set right onto the band of the ring help accentuate the central diamond.

The Bezel Setting

The bezel setting features a dazzling metal band that moves around the diamond edge, helping to accentuate the rectangular shape of this diamond cut. It is the ideal pick if you wish to make a diamond appear bigger and more prominent. The elongated shape of the emerald-cut diamond set in this setting stands out the best. 

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The emerald cut diamond engagement rings form the distinctive and astonishing choice you can have in our store at Nivetta. They form the best choice due to their cropped corners and rectangular shape that comes with a vintage appeal. The less of a sparkle than the other diamond shapes are distinctive since they are simple and elegant. For additional help you can find the ideal engagement ring as you can connect with our experts today!