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Refund and Returns Policy

We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction and delivering high-quality products to our customers at Nivetta.

Last updated: April 2023

Return Policy and Warranty
Withdrawal (Refund)


Nivetta will gladly resize your non-engraved or engraved ring one time free of charge within the first 60 calendar days of receipt of your product. Custom or modified products (special orders that have been designed and/or produced to customer specifications) are not eligible for free resizing.

  • Please note that rings can only be resized within the size range offered on the Nivetta website. Custom design rings (special orders that have been designed and/or produced as per customer's personal requirements) are not eligible for free resizing.
  • Resizing process applies only to modify the ring size. Width or thickness of a ring cannot be modified.
  • Please avoid getting your item resized by a third party such as another jeweler or person other than Nivetta as it will void your lifetime warranty.
  • The resizing process may take up to 25 business days depending on the product and a resized ring will not be eligible for a refund.
  • Shipping for will be the sole responablity of the buyer both back and foruth during the resizing.