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Engagement rings have been the symbolic beginning of a beautiful journey for ages. Today, couples want unique gemstones and designs that reflect their personalities and love lives. But among all these breathtaking cuts, cushion cut engagement rings have stood out from the rest with its brilliance and timeless grace.

A Timeless Legacy

Cushion cut has an illustrious history dating back to the 15th century. Skilled craftsmen in those days used their hands to make them, thus producing stones with curved corners and a flashing sparkle. For centuries nicknamed “pillow-cut” diamond has remained popular because it looks like a soft pillow.

The Allure of the Cushion Cut

Unlike any other type of diamond, cushion cut diamonds emit fire that is so compelling in nature. With larger facets than round cuts, they play light against dark differently, creating an enthralling depth as well as brilliance. This effect is called ‘crushed ice’ which adds vintage appeal and romantic flair to any engagement ring.

A Cut for Every Style

The uniqueness of this type of diamond lies in its multi-functionality—it can be blended into various design aesthetics ranging from classic settings to minimalist bands or modern designs.

For the Romantic at Heart:

A cushion cut diamond paired with a delicate halo setting, accented by sparkling diamonds evokes and eternalizes old-time love stories.

For the Modern Minimalist

The boldness of this design lies in a sleek platinum band that lets the diamond take center stage. The outline will emphasize its inherent brilliance

For the Vintage Enthusiast

By wearing it as a classic milgrain or art deco-inspired setting, the stone can embrace its history and bring out elegance of past years

Nivetta’s Exquisite Cushion Cut Collection

At Nivetta we understand about cushion cuts’ magic. Each diamond is scrutinized by our proficient gemologists for greater fire, brilliance and clarity. Our extensive collection ranges from simple solitaires to intricate designs providing you with a right fit for your story.

Here are some of the stunning cushion cut engagement rings you’ll find at Nivetta

The Everly

With shimmering diamonds encrusting around it, this ring highlights an attractive radiant cushioned diamond.

The Juliette

Distinguished by timeless elegance, this is platinum made Juliette adorned with exquisite milgrain detailing along its band which holds one breathtaking cushion cut diamond on its head.

The Thea

Modern but romantic, it stuns with a sparkling cushion cut diamond set on a sleek platinum band.

No matter which cushion cut engagement ring captures your heart, you can take comfort in the exceptional quality and craftsmanship that has become synonymous with our name. Our trusted gemologists carefully evaluate each cushion cut diamond to ensure brilliant sparkle and enduring beauty, while our skilled artisans meticulously bring each design to life. We are proud to create rings that are as breathtakingly brilliant as the love they represent.

For the modern woman seeking a ring as unique as her personal style, our stylish 1.5 Carat Cushion Cut Split Shank Diamond Engagement Ring makes a chic, fashion-forward statement. The elegant cushion shaped diamond is cradled by dual rows of shimmering pave set stones in a split shank setting for a distinctive look that is both on-trend and luxurious. With a polished 14K yellow gold band, this ring beautifully combines contemporary glamour with classic brilliance.

If you adore the look of delicate vintage details, the 1 Carat Cushion Halo Engagement Ring is a breathtaking choice. An exquisite cushion cut diamond is surrounded by a sparkling halo of round brilliant accent stones, evoking the regal beauty of bygone eras. Intricate hand engravings along the 14K white gold band add an extra touch of romance and old-world charm. This magnificent design is a gorgeous reflection of timeless love.

If you're seeking a ring that blends timeless romance with unmatched brilliance, look no further than the dazzling cushion cut. Allow the Nivetta collection to guide your search for cushion cut engagement ring perfection.

Beyond the Stone: Customization Options

Nivetta’s dedication to customization allows you to make your own cushion cut engagement ring that gives off a vibe of your unique love story. There are different types of these metals such as yellow gold, rose gold and platinum that you can use to perfectly match your partner’s taste.

The Final Touch, Personalized Engraving

You can also choose to add a personalized engraving in order to make it even more special and unforgettable. A cherished heirloom can be created with just a few initials, an important date or even by writing down something that comes from deep within your heart which will remain in the family for generations after you have left this world.

Visit Nivetta Today, Find Your Perfect Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Nivetta has an amazing collection of cushion cut engagement rings for all tastes and preferences. You will find nothing short of exceptional quality, ethical sourcing and personified service when choosing the best ring that speaks volumes about your commitment and everlasting love. Visit Nivetta today and start on the path toward a shimmering future together.