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The cushion cut diamonds bring the ultimate combination of the attraction of the square-cut diamond; however, they come with rounded and soft edges that lend the shape of a romantic feel. The timeless shape is made out of the old mine cut that has been refined for several years. For the initial century, the existence was the highly popular diamond shape. The cushion cut engagement rings come with a de facto diamond shape. These are the ultimate choices across several different styles.

One of the highly unique and rarest choices helps the larger facets of the cushion cut for greater light dispersion, giving birth to a bigger range of color spectra, making them highly scintillating diamonds.

What is a Cushion Cut Diamond?

The cushion-cut diamonds have a rectangular or square shape with rounded edges that resemble the pillow and offer them their name. They have a greater fire, indicating that they are displaying brighter colors out of the gem whenever they are viewed at different angles. However, they are less brilliant than round-cut diamonds. 

Cushion-cut diamonds are considered for their varied modern versions. They are the most popular round diamond cut, with the earliest dating back to the 1900s, which renders a highly vintage look compared to the other round diamond styles. 

Cushion Cut Diamonds - The Three Different Types

Cushion Brilliant

The cushion brilliant comes as the predecessors of the cushion modified, and one of its highly defined features for the pavilion primarily to touch the outer edge of this diamond. The faceting arrangements are almost identical to the round brilliant diamonds where the pavilion plays a pivotal role in the fire of the diamond. 

Having a huge number of pavilions results in a fiery and more refractive diamond. It is a highly requested style of cushion cutting from the jewelers that is the rarest in finding the comparison of this cushion-modified.

Cushion Modified Brilliant

The cushion modified brilliant is considered the real variation across the original cushion brilliant shape. It is the kind of cushion that is commonly witnessed in the market. The diamond cutters will save more on weight whenever they cut them through the rough diamond crystal, which is cheaper compared to the cushion brilliant of identical quality. 

The cutting style features four shortened pavilions with an extra row of facets between the girdle and the pavilion mains. The pavilion mains generate bolder light flashes, making the diamonds pop up.

Cushion Hybrid Brilliant / X Factor

The cushion hybrid brilliant will combine the best of both worlds. Its cutting style features 4 extended pavilion mains with additional faceting to every main. These extra facets render more sparkle and fire to this diamond, with the top of the diamond featuring bigger facets like the brilliant round cut. 

The cut helps the diamond cutters who can create the cushion cut diamonds retain the carat appearance and the weight of this modified cushion appearing with the classic cushion brilliance.

Choosing an Ideal Cushion Cut Diamond  

A Timeless Appeal

Cushion cut diamonds have a timeless appeal that lasts over a century. The cushion cut generally dates back to the 1700s, when it was the prominent choice for aristocrats and royalty. The cushion cut remained prominent throughout the Edwardian and Victorian eras and attained huge popularity during the Art Deco era. 

The cushion cut halo engagement ring comes with a romantic and vintage appeal that is tough to resist. It is the ideal choice for the one in love with the beauty and elegance of antique jewelry. At Nivetta we have huge collection of Cushion cut diamond rings with the beautiful cuts.

Unique and Versatile

The cushion-cut diamonds are the most versatile and unique with a massive array of designs and styles available. These cuts come in rectangular or square, with the cut offering the same brilliant cut as the princess and round diamonds. You can easily locate the cushion cut diamonds that match your style and taste, with several qualities and sizes to pick from. There are always cushion cut diamond engagement rings that come in edgy and modern designs.

Exceptional Sparkle and Brilliance

One of the highly alluring features of these cushion-cut diamonds is their outstanding brilliance and sparkle. Due to the facet patterns, they reflect the light in a manner that creates the most stunning showcase of brilliance and fire. The facet size dictates the way the sparkle of the diamonds performs, with the bigger facet creating the massive flash of the sparkle. The smaller facets will help locate the sparkle flashes across the smaller bursts. It would enable a better scope into determining the manner in which the diamond would sparkle while picking from an array of cutting styles.


Cushion cut diamond engagement rings were developed during the 19th century and underwent numerous changes and developments. The cushion cut normally benefited from the cleaving inventions, with the process assisting in maximizing the light dispersion of the shape, making them highly brilliant and dynamic.