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Hidden Halo

Abundant in symbols of love and dedication, an engagement ring encapsulates the essence of the couple's present moment and their enduring commitment throughout their lifetime.

Premier Hidden Halo Engagement Rings

Nivetta offers a vast collection of hidden halo engagement rings, each customizable to meet your style and choices. Our halo engagement ring is the most elegant and stylish setting, with a middle stone surrounded by an eternity of smaller diamonds that maximize the visual impact. 

The extremely detailed beauty remains amazing at a closer distance, and from afar, the eternity of the smaller diamonds offers the illusion of a single impressive stone. The varied shapes of haloes are created with the setting, so use your imagination to create the most artistic and unique set of engagement rings. Our hidden halo engagement rings range from the classic to the bold designs that offer the middle stone a bigger appearance.

Discover from our myriad collection of engagement rings designed to redefine the most meaningful moments of your life. So book your consultation today!

Halo Rings That Meet Your Specifications

At Nivetta, we understand that the taste of every woman is different, and we have handcrafted rings to meet the exact specifications. Just browse through our entire range of halo rings and find the one that you adore. Always pick from the options we have laid out for you. Choose the metal you like, ranging from white or yellow gold and even platinum.

Our diamond-cut halo rings are made in round, square, pear, and various other shapes and i different types like white gold, yellow gold, solitaire, and rose gold. The clarity, color, and Karat weight of the main stone are also considered. If you are buying this ring for that someone special then check out the details of the diamonds that we have in store and pick the ideal center stone made right for your choice of engagement ring.

Popular Hidden Halo Engagement Rings: All Different Styles

The main thing about our rings is their versatility and, therefore, suit different types of styles. If you love the elegant, understated aesthetics, then you choose the simplistic design, even something that you can get with emerald or sapphire for the most vintage feel. If you opt for a ring with numerous sparkles, then choose the bigger center stones or even double halo, where two rows of smaller stones give you the fire you deserve. Our collection of halo rings is rapidly turning into the most popular pick of engagement styles for the proposal you are planning to gift your loved one.

Choosing the Ultimate Hidden Halo Design 

When it comes to picking the Hidden Halo engagement ring, it is important to keep in mind the following factors to ensure that the design is the perfect one for you.

  • Center stone

Always consider the type of stone that you are in search of, a diamond or a colored gemstone. After landing on your choice, you have to consider the shape of the center stone used. Are you in search of soft edges or geometric shapes? Do you need the scintillation and sparkle that are offered by the cut of stones with the most dramatic flashes of light that feature in the step-cut stones?

  • Metal

Please browse through the metal styles that can complement the style and skin tone as we craft our rings. Also, consider every metal's maintenance and durability needs to make the best choices that work well for your lifestyle.

  • Setting Ring Styles

Pavé: Our rings feature a band mainly enveloped in compact, dainty diamonds closely together along the metal. The stones are separated and kept in place by individual metal settings, offering the aesthetics of shoulders dusted with diamonds.

Bezel: In our crafted styles, the center stone is in a single place, held with a thicker metal rim, which results in modern looks. The setting style results in the hidden galo look, which is a bit chunkier and sculptural than the setting.

  • Proportions and Balance

Always pay better attention to the entire proportions of the design of the hidden halo. Try ensuring the size and the shape of our center stone used with the surrounding halo gets properly balanced, avoiding the components from appearing irregular or out of dimension. Try considering the number and size of the accent stones related to the center stone that gets viewed from varied angles, as they will boost the overall aesthetics of the ring design.

  • Comfort and Wearability

Check out the different hidden halo ring designs to find out whether they are sitting comfortably on the finger. Try considering the different factors on how high the center stone is, with the smoothness of metal edges, ensuring a better fit for regular wear.

Explore Our Diamond Shape Hidden Halo Rings

The bold elegance of our Hidden Halo engagement ring combines with the classic brilliance of traditional rings or the smooth attraction showcased in our exclusive selection to help you find the ideal ring to symbolize your everlasting love.

Our hidden halo engagement rings form the best choice for those who are in search of something out of the ordinary. While you retain the real features, our rings offer a contemporary outlook on your timeless style along with a series of design options that ensure to accurately capture the joyous love and ever-lasting commitment you are sharing with the rest. It is the ideal way to add a better sparkler, while picking the bigger diamond as not the best option. The style of our engagement rings appears elegant with different styles of diamonds for the middle stone, including round brilliant, emerald, oval, and pear cuts.

Our diamond halo engagement rings range from classic and elegant designs to modern ones that use a fusion of diamonds and colored gemstones in various sizes and shapes, with endless possibilities!