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Abundant in symbols of love and dedication, an engagement ring encapsulates the essence of the couple's present moment and their enduring commitment throughout their lifetime.

Shop Oval Cut Engagement Rings

Oval-cut engagement rings styles are considered the most popular among couples due to their alluring, lengthier diamonds. The oval solitaire engagement ring is bigger compared to the other shapes, which gives the wearer the most flattering look due to the greater spread. Nivetta offers you these rings in various metals, including white or rose gold, 18k yellow gold, or platinum, as you can find the perfect ring that symbolizes love. Our overall designs embody the seamless mix of all these elements.

The Uniqueness of Our Oval Solitaire Engagement Rings

The engagement rings at Nivetta showcase elegance that captivates the real essence of luxury in their explicit simplicity.

Our ring showcases 1-carat Oval cut engagement rings that are placed on the higher polish band that embodies class in the most minimalistic design. Unlike any other traditional solitaire ring, it represents the real twist with the hidden halo under it with the 1.25-carat classic oval center with the diamonds that adorn the shank. Lastly, our ring also offers a greater refinement with the hidden halo under the classic oval center diamond's that adds a discreet sparkle to the higher polish twist shank engagement rings.

Our engagement ring at Nivetta showcases the distinctive mix of elegance and simplicity that creates the most distinctive piece, resonating with people with greater style and exacting standards choices.

What Makes Oval Diamond Rings The Best Choice For Engagements?

  • Distinctive Yet Traditional

The diamonds arrive in varied shapes, cuts, and sizes, which is the reason why it becomes extremely challenging, making it the ideal choice. The princess and brilliance of the round diamonds shaped diamonds with conventional cuts are well-known. In reality, they are extremely popular choices since they lose their distinctiveness. Alternatively, the oval cut diamonds are the unique stone guaranteeing to grab the attention of people. It is the conventional cut, which is the elegant choice appealing to the ones in search of diversity.

  • Budget-Friendly

Our collection of oval cut diamonds engagement rings appear more authentic compared to the other round cuts, which are astonishingly highly cost-effective. The solitaire oval engagement ring is the ideal pick for shoppers who are budget-conscious and aim to get a better bang for their buck. The oval diamond engagement ring brings greater weight compared to the costs and several other diamond cuts.

The oval shaped diamond rings would often trick the eye to watch more. Consequently, the oval diamond set within the halo rings appears bigger compared to the round diamond weighing the same.

  • They Have The Best Bow-Tie Formation

One of the key factors that will set the Oval halo engagement rings different from the rest is the visible bow-tie formation in the stone. The effect is made to prevent the light from bouncing back and forth in the center of this oval due to the manner in which the diamond is cut. Each seasoned jeweler understands the bow-tie effect as one of the key features that make this perfect ring and beautiful.

Find your dream solitaire engagement ring!

The highly popular styles selection of Oval engagement rings include the solitaire rings with the halo oval diamond rings. Both of them are amazingly modern and refined, although this diamond band setting offers the added shine for the ones in search of more brilliance. For the most subtle sparkle, consider adding the custom touch with the diamond that bridges or hidden halo to the oval engagement ring.

Shop oval engagement ring is the best way to improve the size of the ring especially due to the addition of the melee diamonds  around the center with the gem. The scallop set halo 4 prong setting appears a bit more modern oval cut, although the pave halo offers the ring with the best art edge.