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Find Your Ring Size

Choosing the right ring size is an important part of purchasing a ring. A properly sized ring will feel comfortable  and secure on your finger.

The Ultimate US Ring Size Chart Guide

Nivetta gives you a full guide on how to determine the right size of your ring. Knowing your ring size is very important since you would want it to be comfortable, secure and well fitting for any ring that you will buy. Whether buying a ring as a present or for yourself, our extensive US Ring Size Chart and measuring suggestions will help you easily find the right size.

The Importance of Knowing Your Ring Size

The fit of a ring can largely affect its appearance and comfortability. A tight one may be uncomfortable in your finger and might also be difficult taking off while a loose one can easily fall off. The accurate knowledge about your ring size is to enable it sit attractively on your finger.

Understanding US Ring Sizing

Women’s sizes usually range from 3-13 while men’s range between 8-16 with both using some numerical system to denote their sizes. Each number indicates a specific diameter and circumference of the ring. Here are some basics about US ring sizes:

  • Diameter: This refers to the inner diameter of the band measured in millimeters.
  • Circumference: It corresponds to the internal perimeter of the band measured in millimeters that can be calculated by multiplying diameter by pi (3.14).


Using a ruler to measure the diameter of a ring is important because it provides an accurate and straightforward way to determine the ring's size.
This method is simple, accessible, and effective for ensuring a proper fit.

Method 1: 
Using a Ring You Already Own

To determine the right size for your new ring, follow these steps:

  1. Get a Ring That Fits: Choose a ring that fits the finger you want to measure.
  2. Measure the Diameter: With a millimeter ruler or caliper, measure the inner diameter of the ring.
  3. Refer to Chart: Take reference from the US Ring Size Chart above, to find out your size corresponding to this diameter.

Second method

Almost everyone has access to paper or string at home, making this method convenient and cost-effective.
By using paper or string, you can quickly and easily determine your ring size without needing to visit a jeweler or purchase a ring sizer.

Method 2: 
Using a String or Paper Strip

To determine the right size for your new ring, follow these steps:

  1. Cut a Piece of String or Paper: Make sure it is long enough for wrapping around your finger.
  2. Wrap Around Your Finger: Please, wrap the string or paper all round the lower area of your finger. Confirm that it holds tightly, but not too tight.
  3. Mark the Overlap: Mark with something where two ends meet.
  4. Measure Length: Make sure that string or paper is flat and then take measure from its beginning up to mark recorded in millimeters.
  5. Refer to Chart: Use circumference measurements provided by the US Ring Size Chart in order to establish their sizes for each finger according to these figures.

find ring size using diameter chart

Check that the measurement on the printed ruler matches a real ruler. Including a ruler on the chart simplifies the process and ensures reliability, making it easy and accurate to determine your ring size. Below is a detailed US ring size chart to help you find the perfect fit. Measure your finger or an existing ring's diameter and use the chart to determine your size.

  1. Measure the internal diameter of a ring that fits well, as described above.
  2. Find a ring size chart online or use a printed version.
  3. Match the measured internal diameter to the corresponding size on the chart to determine your ring size.

Professional Ring Sizing For Measure Ring Size

While it is convenient to measure at home, the most accurate ring size can be obtained from a professional jeweler. Jewelers use specialized tools like a ring mandrel and sizing rings to measure your finger accurately.

International Ring Size Conversion

If you’re purchasing a ring from an international retailer, you may need to convert US sizes to other sizing systems. Here’s a brief conversion guide for common ring size systems to measure ring size:

Download the CHART SIZE

Tips for Accurate Ring Size Measurement

  1. Do This at The End of The Day: In mornings your fingers may be smaller than usual and most likely you will feel them slightly swollen after a day’s work. It is better done when they are in bigger size compared earlier on during rising sun hours yet again.
  2. Consider Knuckle Size: For example if you have big knuckles, it would make sense taking measurements both at base as well as knuckle level then pick something between them like 7.5 for instance.
  3. Temperature Matters: A lot of Cold weather will cause your fingers to shrink while warm weather has the potentiality of swelling them Therefore room temperature measurement gives accurate results.
  4. Take Multiple Measurements: To ensure accuracy, measure your finger more than once

Ring Sizing for Different Ring Types

Different types of rings may require slightly different sizing considerations:

  • Wide Bands: Wider bands fit more tightly and may require going up half a size for comfort
  • Stackable Rings: When buying stackable rings think about how they will fit together; you might need one size larger so that many rings can fit on one finger.
  • Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands: These are often worn together & therefore both should fit without being too tight.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m Between Sizes?

In such cases, always choose the larger of the two sizes. Wearing comfort and easy off are among reasons for this choice; hence always take a bigger one!


Can My Ring Size Change Over Time?

Your ring size may change for different reasons such as weight changes, age, and pregnancy. You should have your ring finger measured from time to time especially in case of changing ring fit.


How Should a Properly Fitting Ring Feel?

A properly fitting ring should slide over your knuckle with some resistance and sit comfortably at the base of your finger. It should feel snug but not tight, and you should be able to remove it without much difficulty.



Comfort and security are key when looking for a perfect diamond ring size. With our US ring size chart and tips, whether you do it at home or go to a professional jeweler, you will be sure of an excellent fit. Nivetta is committed to finding you the perfect ring. Go through our collection and use this guide confidently when determining the right size of your next purchase so that every piece you get is ideal for you or your loved one.


Feel free to reach out for more information or assistance. Enjoy shopping!

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